Book Week

Well we did it! Go team Karonga! I really want to do a massive shout out to our teacher librarian/history buff/AP/amazing… wow! Today was a beautiful celebration of all things literacy. It was incredible. Each student was able to celebrate in a way that was meaningful, dignified, fun, age appropriate, and enjoyable. The theme this year was ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Janelle you took us around the globe and into magical realms. As a fellow book lover I am always excited to share stories and books with my friends, students, and of course I like to escape to everywhere too. I love book Week and this was the best one yet. Congratulations beautiful Janelle!

Today our beautiful Tahlia (a regular volunteer and friend) returned to school after surgery.. just in time for Book Week! Thank you so much for taking the time to join us before rushing off to uni. We loved having you there for our special day and so glad you’re feeling better!! 

Thank you also to the wonderful Lowenna who came today as a volunteer to take photos of our students and to take part in the staff play. You’re such a generous soul and the photographs you took are amazing! I’ll be adding a few of our stuff photos to the album in the next few days. Thank you for helping to make the day so successful.

I’ll add more photos over the next few days. Our class book was The Secret Garden. 

My class and I dressed as gardeners from this book. 


Today we had a surprise ‘smile’ themed celebration in honour of surviving week 1… think all things yellow, a staff sing along, smiley faces, and lollies. Go team! 

We made it!

It’s a bit of a tradition in our school to start the last morning of term to eat chocolate before school.. I was surprised by a thoughtful soul of supplied Chloe friendly chocolate (wheat, dairy, milk, corn,.. etc free). Thank you so much for thinking of me 💕 I can’t believe we made it! Term 2 done ✅ and now time to rest and recuperate (hopefully that will get rid of my sinus infection!). I Today we also farewelled a dear friend. He will be taking leave for a semester. He will be greatly missed from our staff, as will his technological knowledge, kindness, and general special education know how. All the best dear friend.