Spots, worms, and hives!

As we continue to explore the wonderful world of minibeasts.. we begin to ponder how many spots has a lady bug got? ­čÉ×We also spent some time researching what is beneath our soil… earth worms! Room 4 is a hive of activity. My students have been as busy as bees.

Dragonflies and Luna Moths

Today we made beautiful stained glass dragonflies. They’re so simple to make and really effective. Great for kids with vision impairment. Luna moths! These beautiful creatures now grace the walls of our classroom. The kids did a great job – needless to say they’re Eric Carle inspired. 

Frogs in the Pond

I love how this artwork turned out! Looking forward to hand it up in our classroom on Monday. The kids enjoyed painting the frogs.. and a big shout out to Suzie for cutting out all of the frogs. 

Goodie Bags

Today I delivered these goodie bags to all the beautiful mum’s that I work with. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Our job is a lot of hard work, it tests our patience, our courage, our creativity, and sometimes our physical strength. Yet I work with tireless, beautiful, kind, and caring women who do their best to make the world of some very special kids a happy, exciting, and stimulating place to live and grow. Then they leave our school to go home to their own babies/children/teenagers/young adults and help, support, and care for them! Hats off to all the mum’s out there. Happy early Mother’s Day ­čĺĽ

Charlotte’s Web

Today we enjoyed reading Charlotte’s Web. I love sharing stories with my class. This is a book that I’ve always enjoyed and it was magical to see my students respond to the book in the same way that I did. Then it was time to create an artwork based on the story.