Today we had a surprise ‘smile’ themed celebration in honour of surviving week 1… think all things yellow, a staff sing along, smiley faces, and lollies. Go team! 


Today my colleague and I presented two topics at SEPLA (Special Education Conference).. and for the first time in a very long time, I felt confident in myself, happy, and whole. It’s not easy to present in front of a crowd.. but it’s easier when you love your dress! It’s an even sweeter moment when that same dress a few weeks ago was too tight to wear! That sounds shallow.. but it is not. When you are happy and proud of who you are.. you can move mountains. If a dress makes you feel more confident in yourself.. well watch out mountain ranges! I’m so proud of us and grateful for this experience. Thank you Megan 💕 and thank you to our Karonga family for your support x ​

We made it!

It’s a bit of a tradition in our school to start the last morning of term to eat chocolate before school.. I was surprised by a thoughtful soul of supplied Chloe friendly chocolate (wheat, dairy, milk, corn,.. etc free). Thank you so much for thinking of me 💕 I can’t believe we made it! Term 2 done ✅ and now time to rest and recuperate (hopefully that will get rid of my sinus infection!). I Today we also farewelled a dear friend. He will be taking leave for a semester. He will be greatly missed from our staff, as will his technological knowledge, kindness, and general special education know how. All the best dear friend.