Another Obstacle 

Today this is my motivation. Right now I’m in bed. I’m really not well. I’m exhausted and have been sleeping about 18 hours a day since Friday. I have no voice. My digestive system is cramping. But I want to be better. I need to get better. And then I saw these photos. It sounds silly that photos of your gym make you want to leap out of bed – but they do. 
I hate being sick (I’m sure everyone else does too). My gym makes me feel alive, the connection I have with the people at Hybrid makes me want to go back day after day. I am a person living with chronic illness and I try hard not to let it beat me. This year I’ve made so much progress with my health. I will never be able to completely prevent becoming ill or having anaphylaxis but I have done a damn good job of reducing the risk of both. I have been working hard to ensure that my body can run as optimally as it possibly can. 
This means that I have been meticulously eating only foods that are ‘safe’ for my body to digest. I had a lot of testing done to rule out any foods that may trigger an inflammatory response. I have also lost a lot of weight to help my body process the toxins in the environment that I cannot control. I take a lot of medication that assists my digestive system and liver, that strengthens my immune system, and keeps my airways strong. I’m exercising 5-6 times a week. My body is becoming stronger. 
My mental health is also becoming stronger because of my exercise regime. Who would have thought that exercise can assist mental health? Well it does. Any stress I have during the day leaks out of me as I huff and puff at the gym. Kind of like the way sweat seeps out of the skin.. my stress also seeps out as I work out. 
I sleep… I almost said better – but that would imply that I used to sleep. I’m an insomniac- hard to believe after reading that first paragraph! Physical activity helps me to sleep. On the nights I go to the gym I sleep deeply for about six hours. This to me is absolutely huge. It gives my body time to regenerate and gives my immune system a fighting chance. Without rest our bodies don’t heal. 
Chronic illness is a lifelong battle. In the past there were times when I had thought I’d never feel well again – and it certainly seemed that way. I’ve had six months of feeling well. And I want so badly to be well again. And I will. It might not be tomorrow.. or the next day.. or next week.. or probably not next month. But I will get well again. And I know for sure that going to the gym will definitely be on my to do list as soon as I’m well enough to be out of the house.

Deficit Push-ups

So it was a hectic day.. and I’m so grateful to have a good friend who went for a chill out walk with me this afternoon.. and then off to the gym to sweat off today’s happenings. It was a tough workout with 5x300m rows, 50kg sled pushes.. (a cheeky 80kg one too!), followed by the daily WOD which included deficit push-ups. I never thought I’d be able to do them.. I ended up completing the workout on 20kg plates.. and just to see if I could, I tried 2 x 20kg! Yay! Progress! ​


25 x 100kg Deadlifts 

What a day! So good to be back at the gym.. and what a set tonight.. 5x100kg deadlifts x 5!!! 25 in total! Pleasantly surprised that I did it without too much pain. Hybrid really pushes me to my limits in the best possible ways. I missed 7 days.. it felt like a year. So glad to be back! Grateful to be well enough to exercise again. 


Once again.. I’m grateful to be a member of @hybrid__training. Today was really tough but I know I’ll actually get some sleep tonight. I’ve had sleeping issues for a really long time and have been on multiple prescription medications for insomnia. If I exercise I usually sleep reasonably well (with meds). If I skip the gym I find it much harder to rest. I have found an active lifestyle that really pushes me to my limits and tires my body enough to rest. Yes.. I exercise to sleep.. other people may exercise to increase their energy levels. My challenge is to deplete my stored energy. 


I finally reached my handstand goal.. yay! It feels good to cross it off the list. Now what’s the next step? We shall see!For the first time I have found my max deadlift. I feel so motivated and happy to be a part of @hybrid__training. I have found a place where working out brings me joy. My health is improving, my mindset and self esteem is also improving, and my life is blossoming. I’m excited to go to the gym each day, I’m excited to challenge myself.. and I’m grateful to be surrounded by friends who are equally excited to workout.. with coaches who are supportive and encouraging. 

Another step in the right direction 

Okay.. I honestly didn’t know whether I’d be able to do this… but I did. I complete today’s workout in 28 min and 28 secs. I wasn’t anywhere near the front of the pack but I smashed the previous Chloe world record. I didn’t rest during the row.. I did 600 single skips as I am not yet able to consistently skip double unders (that’s a work in progress!) and I ran without stopping.. even up that hill.. every time. I’m super proud of myself and how far I’ve come. The best part about it.. I was also super proud of all my workout buddies. It’s amazing to see everyone improve. We are all getting fitter and stronger. I’m grateful to have such a great community to workout with. So now I’m sweaty and for some reason sneezy.. time to jump in the shower. 

So today was the first time in 8 + years (could be even longer) that my blood counts were in the normal range for white blood cells…. AND my body has started utilising iron.. I went from an extreme deficiency (2 years ago) to an average storage rate(6 months ago) to now utilising my iron.. this means my liver is functioning (almost as well as an average person). 


This is the smile of a girl who survived a 3.2km run that was only part of tonight’s workout. It’s been a seriously tough week with medical emergencies, school excursions, reports being handed in last Friday, swimming, almost end of term.. the list goes on. Tonight I needed to clear my head, my rest and bubble bath last night meant that I was strong enough to head out and workout with my crew mates. At the start of the year I found 400m tough.. tonight I ran 400m x completed 3 x 6 Romanian deadlifts (65kg).. 1x 20 single leg deadlifts (8kg).. 50 bent over rows (20kg).. 100 body weight squats..50 push ups.. Now my body is tired and my mind is clear. Exercise is wonderful and friends are even better.


Today I attended a ‘snatch workshop at hybrid__training – it was such a worthwhile experience. 2 hours of focussed learning with two great coaches. I’m really thankful that they explained each step in a way that I could understand. Everyone learns differently and it can be hard to teach a large group at once. But with only 10 participants we were able to ask questions, receive corrections, and achieve positive results. Thanks for including me 😊