I tracked down a unicorn dress this week!!! It’s going to be mine! And I couldn’t be more excited. Just love the colour 😍! Voodoo Kitten collar dress in teal… woohoo! 

Love Me Tender 

Today I wore my ‘love me tender’ cowl dress by Kitten D’amour for the first time… at first I was a little unsure but I received so many compliments. It definitely turned out to be a ‘feel good’ dress. Big confidence booster! I love the lace detail with nude underlay that feels sexy but actually covers everything! ​

Zip me up!

When the dress finally fits! Today I zipped up my Kitten D’amour Bella Señora wiggle! Yay! All those sweaty sessions at @hybrid__training are paying off. I need to lose weight for my health.. doesn’t mean that there aren’t other benefits though! ​

Perfect Pastels

These darling dresses are so exquisite, so much so, that I had to share!  I found thes on Pinterest. If you’re interested in the pages they’re originally from I’ve include a link to my Pinterest board.Chloe’s Wedding Board – no I’m not getting married – I just enjoy looking at beautiful gowns 

Oodles of Poodles

Kitten D’amour has a new collection coming out… so many choices. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’ve started to zip up more clothes this week that were previously too small (yay). Had to put my health kick on hold while I battle the latest infection (finding eating difficult). But this collection is keeping me motivated to keep going…..The hardest part will be choosing… 


My weight loss journey is getting to the point where I need to sell some clothes and I’m starting to fit into new clothes. Today I sold my beautiful Voodoo Kitten top and godget skirt. Today I also tried on a few Kitten outfits that I purchased in smaller sizes. The zips zipped but they’re still a little snug. In a few weeks they’ll be perfect. Very exciting. I’m grateful to see and feel my progress.. sometimes the long slog is hard because even though my body is changing I don’t always see it. Today was an eye opener that I needed to continue my journey. 

Castaway Kitten

Today was a treat! I got to see the lovely Elise and shop and wear a nautical number! So grateful to have Elise in my life. She’s a genuine, sweet, and compassionate woman who never fails to make me smile.


Voodoo Kitten 

Tonight will be my ‘voodoo’ outfit’s last dance 😭 she’s too big.. but as it’s only her second outing I couldn’t not wear her. Sigh. Weight loss is bitter sweet sometimes. #anorchidsview #kittendamour #voodookitten @kittendamour ​

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