The Little Mermaid

This is a Disney classic. Growing up I wished I was a mermaid so that I could explore the ocean just like  Ariel. It is still a favourite of mine Рafter all this time Рand now it is also a favourite of my students. They enjoy the brightly coloured animations, the songs and  the music, and of course the story of young love.

Below: a template that I drew of Sebastian

Chloe’s The Little Mermaid Template

Below: a link to a ‘read along version’ of this story

The Little Mermaid Read Along Book

Below: a link to all of the songs from the Broadway musical:

The Little Mermaid on Broadway

Below: a link to all of the songs from the film:

The Little Mermaid Songs


Monsters Inc.

My nephew who just turned one, adores this story. I found it an amusing movie and my students have also enjoyed watching it during their break times. We have read the Disney Story Book of this tale as well – it is fun. I think they mainly enjoy my silly voices and pretend growls! (lots of giggles, but maybe at me lol)


I have attached a template that I drew that can be used for art and craft activities.

Chloe’s Monster’s Inc. Template

Below is a link to an animated story based on this film:

Monster Laughs Story

RIP Alan Rickman

This incredible actor bought one of the most complex characters to life.. To the point where my imagination actually pictures Rickman’s face and voice whenever I think of Professor Snape. Of course he was brillant with many other roles that he portrayed over his career but he will always be Snape to me.. And I couldn’t bestow a higher compliment. May he rest in peace.