I’m loving my new hair colour.. @moniqueecalcagno you’re super talented. This colour is just so shiny and vibrant (even in its dark lustre!). So grateful to have such a talented Hairdresser 💕


A beautiful winter afternoon in Sydney – I’m grateful for a warm coat to keep that chilly breeze away. I love my brother’s garden. It’s always vibrant and full of colour regardless of the season. I love spending time with my family. Seeing these interactions is so special and so beautiful. The most precious and valuable thing in life is.. time. 

I’m grateful to have a very talented hairdresser and beautiful friend @moniqueseniorcreativehair loving my fringe! So blunt and perfect. 


Sometimes you need to take a few moments out of your busy life to stop and treat yourself. One more day until the school holidays and I’m exhausted… with a fever. So I decided a nice long soak in a bubble bath and a face mask would help revive me. Someone doesn’t know the meaning of ‘privacy’.. Mimi came to see what I was doing.. luckily he doesn’t like water! 


I love the feeling of s new hair cut/do. Thank you Mon for the great cut and for selecting a colour than makes my skin glow. Love it! 

Bath Bombs

When you’re not feeling well.. bath bombs make you smile! This is ‘the experimenter’ by Lush. Rainbows and bubbles. What’s not to like?



I’m grateful for this magical hair fixer! No extra oils and added volume = 2 thumbs up! Thanks to the beautiful Mon for recommendating this product. #delorenzo @delorenzo_haircare #anorchidsview 


Perfect afternoon for a lush bubble bath. I’m grateful to have stumbled across this amazing brand who do no test on animals. This little gem made my whole tub glitter with liquid gold. #lushbathbomb #lush #anorchidsview #grateful💖 @lush_ausnz