So I don’t normally shop purely for brand names. If I like a product, I like it – not the brand. A friend of mine recommended Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit and admittedly I was sceptical. I did some research and all the reviews were positive so I thought I’d give it a go. I am so glad I did! These kits are amazing.

The colour is so vibrant and the product is long lasting! I can teach all day with barely a touch up. I liked it so much that I ordered a couple of other shades!

Revlon Colorstay

So I love this product- the colours are so intense! And they don’t make your lips dry. I love how it stains for hours.

I have two of them – the photos below are of India Intrigue 💋

And these photos are of Shanghai Sizzle


Please tell me I’m not the only one who searches for a perfect shade but can’t tell you precisely what it is until I find it… So far these three aren’t perfect..  Revlon is winning but it’s not it.. And yes they are all totally different!!!!


Country and Western

So the theme was ‘country and western’ and of course we decided to go as cowgirls/farmers. This was probably our easiest theme. Flannelette shirts, overalls/jeans and pig tails.  I decided to opt for a wreath of hair flowers and Jess sported her hat. We both wore boots. The freckles were done with eye liner. So easy and effective. Yee Ha!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

IMG_1340 - Copy - Copy - CopyIMG_1341


The costume was an oversized green shirt that I painted. I used material paints for the design and then added some glitter using puff paints. I put newspaper inside the shirt while I painted so that no paint would drip through to the back of the shirt. I only put the design on the front as our shells would cover the back.

We wore green leggings, green shoes and green socks.


We painted our nails bright green and added glitter.

IMG_1507 - Copy - Copy - Copy


We wanted to look some what girly. We tied our hair in pig tails and added lots of green ribbons. (I left my hair in plaits all day and undid them when it was time for the party so that they were crinkly).

IMG_1505 - Copy - Copy - Copy


Sadly I forgot to take a photograph of our shells. I made shells by sewing together a heap of scraps that were browns/greens/greys and then I did small spirals of glitter to add texture. I made the cloth in to bags by simply sewing two squares together on three sides. I stuffed the bags with small pillows before tacking the final side. I added two arm straps and the job was done.

IMG_1504 - Copy - Copy - Copy


For our faces we used acrylic paint.I did trial using face paint but the brand I used must have been pretty cheap as the colours were quite pale. The acrylic paint was fine and it washed off with soap and water.

We first applied facial moisturizer. And then it was on with the paint. Paint the eye lids first, then the mask and finally the face. This way you are not overlapping and trying to colour between the lines.

It took a lot of layers to make the green this vibrant.