This is the smile of a girl who survived a 3.2km run that was only part of tonight’s workout. It’s been a seriously tough week with medical emergencies, school excursions, reports being handed in last Friday, swimming, almost end of term.. the list goes on. Tonight I needed to clear my head, my rest and bubble bath last night meant that I was strong enough to head out and workout with my crew mates. At the start of the year I found 400m tough.. tonight I ran 400m x completed 3 x 6 Romanian deadlifts (65kg).. 1x 20 single leg deadlifts (8kg).. 50 bent over rows (20kg).. 100 body weight squats..50 push ups.. Now my body is tired and my mind is clear. Exercise is wonderful and friends are even better.


Sometimes it’s important to recognise when your body is exhausted and to rest. So today, instead of heading to the gym I ran a bath. I relaxed. I rested. And I’ll go to sleep early. I’m learning to look after my body so that I can continue my journey to better health. And.. if I’m honest, who doesn’t love a lush bath bomb?​

You know the look… the tired.. blank stare. Yup.. feeling the tired blankness. I’m so grateful for bed… 💕

Overnight Chia Porridge 

Overnight chia porridge for breakfast… was actually delicious! Made with nut milk, chia, oats soaked over night. In the morning it was heated on the stove top and dressed with banana, dry roasted almonds, and a drizzle of honey. Thanks Mum for finding more Chloe-friendly breakfast ideas and then giving it a go herself 💕


I spent my morning learning how to focus and achieve my goals.. more specifically my healthy eating goals and embracing it as a lifestyle. I’ve had a bit of a tough week and felt that I wasn’t achieving to my fullest ability. I didn’t fall off the healthy eating wagon but I had a few stumbles. I know I’m human and I also know that I’m resilient soooo with the inspiration from the Hybrid Training 30 Day Challenge, I have made tick lists for what I need to do to successfully get through the week. Tick lists motivate me.. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I tick it off. But it’s also a way to keep me on track and accountable. So fingers crossed that this week will be the best one yet.