Mother’s Day

I’m grateful to have spent the day with my beautiful mum. We trekked into the city to check out the markets at BarangarooWishing all the mums out there a very Happy Mother’s Day 💕

Goodie Bags

Today I delivered these goodie bags to all the beautiful mum’s that I work with. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Our job is a lot of hard work, it tests our patience, our courage, our creativity, and sometimes our physical strength. Yet I work with tireless, beautiful, kind, and caring women who do their best to make the world of some very special kids a happy, exciting, and stimulating place to live and grow. Then they leave our school to go home to their own babies/children/teenagers/young adults and help, support, and care for them! Hats off to all the mum’s out there. Happy early Mother’s Day 💕

Recycled Paper and Pressed Flowers

Our beautiful Mother’s Day cards are almost completed. My students helped to pick the flowers from our school garden, press them, and then arrange them onto their beautiful pink recycled paper that they made. It’s taken us a whole term to get this far but the end product will look stunning – just wait and see 😜

Jam Drops

Today at school we made these yummy cookies to give to the kid’s mums. 

As you can see, we got the recipe from Taste:

Beat the butter, vanilla and sugar

Add the egg(s)

Beat until combined

Add the flour and stir until combined 

Roll the dough into little balls

Make a finger print in each ball

Put jam into the dent 


Cool and package! Or eat 😉