The Smallest Turtle

The Smallest Turtle Book Reading

Above is a link to a video from Play School where they read the story.

Lynley Dodd has long been a favourite of mine. This book is no exception – it is gorgeous. The illustrations are as bright and sunny as the beach; the text is engaging and emotive. It is a book that all of my students have really enjoyed and I love reading it. Some books were meant to be read aloud – this is definitely one of them!

Below: is a drawing of mine that can be used as a craft template

Chloe’s The Smallest Turtle Template


The Little Mermaid

This is a Disney classic. Growing up I wished I was a mermaid so that I could explore the ocean just like  Ariel. It is still a favourite of mine – after all this time – and now it is also a favourite of my students. They enjoy the brightly coloured animations, the songs and  the music, and of course the story of young love.

Below: a template that I drew of Sebastian

Chloe’s The Little Mermaid Template

Below: a link to a ‘read along version’ of this story

The Little Mermaid Read Along Book

Below: a link to all of the songs from the Broadway musical:

The Little Mermaid on Broadway

Below: a link to all of the songs from the film:

The Little Mermaid Songs


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This is a classic story about a lighthouse keeper and his wife – trying to keep the pesky seagulls from stealing the keeper’s lunch. It is a fun, problem solving book that is very engaging. Our copy has faded pictures as it’s quite old.. so I cannot judge on the illustrations well.

I have included a copy of a template that I drew based on this story.

Chloe’s The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Template

I have also included a link to the audio of this book.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Pirates Love Underpants

This is a fun and exciting story about a pirate crew who love underpants. The students of my class always giggle at this ridiculous tale of panty loving pirates. I have to admit, I enjoy it too! The illustrations are bright and fun, it’s quirky and amusing.

The templates below are my own drawings – feel free to use them 🙂

Below: templates for pirate underpants that can be painted/coloured and decorated.

Chloe’s Pirates Love Underpants Templates

Below: template of the book cover to be coloured

Chloe’s Pirates Love Underpants Template

Five Little Sharks

This story is cute – it can be sung to the tune of 5 little ducks/5 little monkeys. This story is great for preschool and infants school students. It also works well for students with intellectual disability who are learning basic counting. The song makes the story fun and memorable.

I have provided the template for an activity that my class completed based on this story.

Chloe’s Five Little Sharks Template

I have also included a link to the 5 little fishies song – I know it isn’t sharks!

5 Little Fishies Song