Wildflowers are not hard to find! The Wildflower Gardens have paved walking tracks that enable most people the chance to check out some of Australia’s most beautiful flowers.

Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens

So many beautiful flowers in bloom. I love that this place is accessible for those of us who cannot be too far away from transport. There are paved walking tracks and car access points (for emergency services). 

Science Week

Loving our multi media minibeasts artwork that we have been creating this week. Some pieces were completed on Monday with an incursion visit from the Field of Mars, and some were completed today. It was a lot of fun and my students enjoyed the hands on process. This beautiful artwork is made with real blossoms! My students sourced these blossoms from our school grade and with the help of our gardening expert Pressed the flowers. Today the flowers were dry enough to add to our artwork. 

Plants and Seeds

It’s been a very busy term so far.. so many projects underway! More to come in the next few days! This term we are learning all about plants and seeds. Today our gorgeous Tahlia came back to visit us after her travels through Asia. She bought us such thoughtful, beautiful gifts.. including this amazing fabric lantern! We are truly blessed to have Tahlia as a regular volunteer in our room. Glad you’ve arrived home safely.

Recycled Paper and Pressed Flowers

Our beautiful Mother’s Day cards are almost completed. My students helped to pick the flowers from our school garden, press them, and then arrange them onto their beautiful pink recycled paper that they made. It’s taken us a whole term to get this far but the end product will look stunning – just wait and see 😜

Water Lily

Room 4’s second Monet inspired artworks. Paper weaving to create texture and to imitate Monet’s brush strokes. #anorchidsview #monet #specialeducation #teacherlife #schoollife


Room 4 have completed their first Monet inspired artworks… seems very odd Monet and the Amazon.. let me explain the connection. There are giant lily pads in Amazonian lagoons. They’re so big that 2m caiman can rest on them without the lily pad sinking. Pretty awesome! I’m grateful to have access to interesting information that I can share with my students. #anorchidsview #monet #chloesclassroom #schoollife #teacherlife #specialeducation #grateful💖