Recycled Paper and Pressed Flowers

Our beautiful Mother’s Day cards are almost completed. My students helped to pick the flowers from our school garden, press them, and then arrange them onto their beautiful pink recycled paper that they made. It’s taken us a whole term to get this far but the end product will look stunning – just wait and see ­čśť

Water Lily

Room 4’s second Monet inspired artworks. Paper weaving to create texture and to imitate Monet’s brush strokes. #anorchidsview #monet #specialeducation #teacherlife #schoollife


Room 4 have completed their first Monet inspired artworks… seems very odd Monet and the Amazon.. let me explain the connection. There are giant lily pads in Amazonian lagoons. They’re so big that 2m caiman can rest on them without the lily pad sinking. Pretty awesome! I’m grateful to have access to interesting information that I can share with my students. #anorchidsview #monet #chloesclassroom #schoollife #teacherlife #specialeducation #grateful­čĺľ 

Pressed Flowers

Our pressed flowers and leaves turned out fabulously! As did our recycled handmade paper! Two experiments were successful in Room 4 Day. Yay! Can’t believe how beautiful these pressed flowers are. I’m very grateful to have such an expert gardener on staff at school and of course my lovely ladies ­čĺĽ#chloesclassroom #anorchidsview #pressedflowers #teacherlife #specialeducation 

Rainforest Flowers

Celery stamping! You have to love special education. Tasty and pretty ­čĹî­čĆ╗#specialeducation #teacherlife #

Had to giggle when one of my students tried to eat it! The design ended up looking very pretty – ‘rainforest flowers’. We tried a few other stampers today too – not edible though.


I’m grateful to have spotted this bee in my brother’s garden. Like me, the bee was attracted to this beautiful gardenia. There aren’t enough bees around anymore.. our planet will suffer without them. They are pretty incredible little creatures. #grateful­čĺľ #bees #gardenia #anorchidsview