Get back up!

We all get knocked down, what matters is that we keep going. And sometimes it takes a bit longer to get up and go – that’s okay. Sometimes we literally have to crawl.. that’s okay too. As long as we make progress and continue.. no one can ask any more than that. We all stumble from time to time – never lose sight of your goals. 


I hope this makes you (dear reader), question your emotions too. At first I read this and thought, ‘yeah, good quote..’ and then I really thought about it. What does your anger really achieve? Other than making yourself worked up. I’m not saying that it is wrong to feel angry. We all do at times. And sometimes the cause is very justifiable. But does it really change your situation? I find if I’m angry, I can’t think logically through a situation.  I thought I would delve deeper into ‘anger’.

This is the first thing that came to mind. No one is immune to anger. We all have something that will make us angry – it may be an injustice inflicted upon you or someone you care about; it could be a misunderstanding; it could come from just about any situation.  I don’t think anyone is immune to anger. Though, I am not a scientist so please don’t take this as hard facts! 

I have found that if I’m too angry about a situation, then I am unable to remedy that situation. Once I cool off I can usually understand what’s happened and then I’m able to work on solutions for the situation. It doesn’t mean I like or accept what’s happening but at least there’s a chance to understand it. 

This sounds like it is easy. It’s not. But it does help you to see that you still have some control. The situation is out of your control – but you, your mind, your body – they are yours alone to control. You have a choice. Even just knowing that, gives me some control over a situation… what do you think?

Interesting? Well think about everything you could or might say if you try to fix a situation when you’re angry. You may regret some words or some actions that were committed in anger. 

This made me smile. We can’t manage other people or change how they act or feel or what they say.. you only have control over yourself. Breathe. 

Life’s Path

Today is the day I start to do. That doesn’t look like a complete sentence but it is. I am going to get out there and DO things to ensure that I can grow to be the person I want to be. 

Sometimes you don’t always understand why certain circumstances arise. Sometimes you have absolutely no control over this. But you can choose how you react to these uncontrollable issues. I am choosing to recreate my path in life. 

Lately, I have been feeling very lost. But perhaps that’s just been what I need to reset my inner compass. Maybe I have been stagnant too long on my current path and have allowed moss to grip the rocks that were once smooth stepping stones. This doesn’t mean I was unhappy on my verdant mossy path, but perhaps my souls knows that if I walk on I will find something more. 

Something better. 


Even starting a new way of thinking is hard. It’s like a caterpillar finally realising it is a butterfly. A creature with wings, freedom, and a whole new world of opportunities.. as long as you can get your head around change. 

Nature really is incredible. How can creatures transform into completely different creatures with different anatomical structures and instinctively understand their new bodies and their new lives. We humans (who are apparently very intelligent) can struggle to even change our way of thinking. Perhaps the key is to change your way of being.

Perhaps Darwin is correct. The person able to adapt to change will be the one who not only survives but who will also prosper. 

I used to watch this show all the time – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. But strangely it is the first time I have ever read this quote. More strangely still, it rings true. I think all of us have that little self trapped inside of us. The one who is infinitely more talented and capable than the self we present to the world. Perhaps we are all too scared to free our wings and be that person. 

We do need to learn to adapt and then perhaps we can learn to fly or to surf or ski or whatever it is you need to do to be able to move forward and be who you know you can be. 

Take a Breath

Very true, but not always as easy as it sounds. Lately it’s been many deep breaths and constant reminders to myself that I will get through this. And if I can overcome my obstacles I’m sure that anyone reading this out there also has the power to overcome theirs.

I am not taking away from your struggle – I am sure that you or someone you know is going through a tough time. I just know that I am not an extraordinary human, I’m an everyday person. I go through everyday problems – I have my shares of ups and downs. And if this everyday person (me) can get through her challenges then I’m sure that you (dear reader) will also get through yours. 

Now please excuse the language in this quote. But I definitely have been giving myself pep talks. And there’s much to be said for it. Give it a go. It might help you. Sometimes I laugh at myself and that helps, other times it seriously makes me feel stronger.

If all of your other coping strategies have failed.. it is time to think outside the box. Maybe reaching out to a friend, a loved one, or even writing your thoughts down may help you.