2 sleeps to go..

Just two more sleeps until the fete. These little gardens just need their final clean (getting rid of the dirt around the saucers). I’m grateful that we are on the home stretch. #anorchidsview #chloesclassroom #karongaschoolfete #teacupfairygarden 


I’m grateful to have a new pot on my window sill.. a reminder of all the hard work that has gone into our school fete. #anorchidsview #karongaschoolfete #chloesclassroom 

Mass production

I’m grateful to my mum who has helped me all weekend get stuff ready four the teacup fairy gardens.. fairy bunting, toadstools.. butterflies.. fairies.. Easter eggs.. bunnies.. feeling a little less anxious. #anorchidsview #teacupfairygarden #grateful💖 #attitudeofgratitude 

Teacup Fairy Garden Kits

A good friend of mine handed me a bag of teacups and saucers for our school fete. Her mum didn’t have any to donate but found these at the local op shop. Such a thoughtful and generous donation. Thank you so much 💕#anorchidsview #grateful💖 #karongaschoolfete #specialeducation #teacherlife

Today we created some beautiful ‘teacup fairy garden’ kits.. so you can make your own magical gardens at home. Each kit contains a couple of ornaments and a beautiful teacup or teapot. We will also be selling succulents that can be planted in these stylish ‘pots’. With cellophane and ribbons these kits make awesome gifts. I think I might have to purchase some myself! #teacherlife #specialeducation #karongaschoolfete #chloesclassroom #teacupfairygarden 

Fairy Gardens 

Wow! Two of our first completed fairy gardens. Thank you so much to all the wonderful contributors. My students are having so much fun and I think the results are pretty cool! Can’t wait to do more. #anorchidsview #teacupfairygarden #chloesclassroom #teacherlife #specialeducation

More Treasures

Some more treasures that I made this week for our fairy teacup gardens. They are now all ready for their new garden homes. Lots more to make! #anorchidsview #teacupfairygarden #karongavillagefete #chloesclassroom

More Mushrooms

Some more little teacup fairy garden ornaments… we made a lot of little toadstools at school today and we may have also squashed a few in the process. With much giggling and a bit of a mess.. we got a lot done. It’s such a fun project to do, my students and I are having a blast. These little ones are some I have been making at home. #chloesclassroom #teacherlife #teacupfairygarden #anorchidsview

Monday Madness!

Today was a very busy day in the classroom. My students, Kamal, Suzie, and I made toadstools, fairy ponds, and fairy trees! Always a busy time in our room – so lucky that these lovely ladies put up with the messiest craft crazy teacher around! #anorchidsview #chloesclassroomWe made these little fairy ponds with the metal but from tea light candles.. add beads and then glue. Fingers crossed they turn out okay!