Revenge of Frankie

Loved having a different hair do for the day! No hair cut just some creativity at work.. three braids and my locks swept to the side for a faux side fringe. Add some statement earrings (from @lovisajewellery) and red lips (uh.. I normally have red lips.. maybe it’s the eye liner? Haha)- and I’ve gone from sweet to fierce. My top is from the Oodles of Poodles collection by Kitten D’amour

Self Compassion 

Once I would have said that comparison is part of human nature. Recently I have come to the realisation that it isn’t something we are all born with. It is something that society has taught us.

If each of us stopped comparing ourselves to others I’m sure we would feel better about ourselves and therefore more comfortable with each other. Does it matter that your friend is taller than you? Slimmer than you are? Or faster? Or stronger? What should matter is whatever task you’re applying yourself to is your own journey. As long as you do your best – that’s enough. 

And to know that your best is enough.. that would be enlightening. Who are you trying to impress? Who is your harshest critic? I bet it’s not your friends – I would think your harshest critic is actually yourself. 

Stop beating yourself up. Learn to have self compassion. You are trying your best. You are not competing against anyone else. You will have your ups and downs but you are human. You are stronger than you think. Be kind to yourself.

You might be a glorious mess – that’s okay. That glorious mess is enough. If your friend was in the same situation as you are now  – would you judge them? Would you treat them harshly? Say terrible things to them? No, you wouldn’t. So why would you do that to yourself?

Remember who you are. This sounds simple and strange really – but it’s not. If you spend all your time comparing yourself to others you begin to lose sight of what makes you special. 

Your self worth comes from you. Sounds simple right? Yet many of us seek the approval of others. We value their opinions about ourselves more than we value our own. Why? The only person who knows your whole journey is you. So why is your opinion of lesser value? 

You are YOU. You alone are special, unique, and amazing. Your super power is that you’re an individual. You need to believe that you are deserving of compassion, respect, and love. You don’t need someone else to provide these things for you. You have the power to do this on your own. You need to trust yourself.

Respect yourself and treat yourself with kindness. When you can do this.. nothing will stop you. You will also then be able to show this love and compassion to others without comparing yourself and your journey to everyone else. 

Show your soul the unconditional love that you show your family and friends. 

You have a big heart and there’s enough love in it to share some with yourself.