Deficit Push-ups

So it was a hectic day.. and I’m so grateful to have a good friend who went for a chill out walk with me this afternoon.. and then off to the gym to sweat off today’s happenings. It was a tough workout with 5x300m rows, 50kg sled pushes.. (a cheeky 80kg one too!), followed by the daily WOD which included deficit push-ups. I never thought I’d be able to do them.. I ended up completing the workout on 20kg plates.. and just to see if I could, I tried 2 x 20kg! Yay! Progress! ​


25 x 100kg Deadlifts 

What a day! So good to be back at the gym.. and what a set tonight.. 5x100kg deadlifts x 5!!! 25 in total! Pleasantly surprised that I did it without too much pain. Hybrid really pushes me to my limits in the best possible ways. I missed 7 days.. it felt like a year. So glad to be back! Grateful to be well enough to exercise again. 

The Reason

Last week was a mighty trial.. in so many ways. I’m going to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow is that start of a new week and a fresh start. I’m ready to start again.. false starts happen.. life teaches us lessons.. we just have to get up one more time than we fall down! Knowing that.. I’ll be climbing up the ladder again tomorrow. Fingers crossed for smoother sailing this week. I’ve had enough sea sickness 😉


Once again.. I’m grateful to be a member of @hybrid__training. Today was really tough but I know I’ll actually get some sleep tonight. I’ve had sleeping issues for a really long time and have been on multiple prescription medications for insomnia. If I exercise I usually sleep reasonably well (with meds). If I skip the gym I find it much harder to rest. I have found an active lifestyle that really pushes me to my limits and tires my body enough to rest. Yes.. I exercise to sleep.. other people may exercise to increase their energy levels. My challenge is to deplete my stored energy. 

Back on Track 

It’s Sunday night and I have had a weekend full of family fun. Saturday hanging out with the youngest Rose.. our funny, cheeky, little Koby.. dinner with my parents, Adam and Maegan, catching up with my little brother Mark and Maya.. I love that their studio is downstairs because it means I get to see them regularly… Sunday was spent with our little twins.. going to a fete for pony rides, train rides, face painting, crab hunting at Bobbin Head, watching Moana… and then a catch up with Ben and Pip.. and dinner with my parents. It’s only now that my family have gone home (except my beautiful mum, of course!) that I’ve had time to reflect. I have such a privileged life. And lately I’ve been a little lax about what I put into my body. I’ve not eaten as healthily as I should.. I know that I need to be accountable. If I want to enjoy my privileged life to the fullest I need to take charge of my health and life. Tomorrow marks another battle of healthy eating. I’m human, I stuff up.. but I’m also resilient. I’m getting back on track. Please don’t offer me chips this week – while I love them, I don’t need them. I’m grateful to have my family remind me (albeit unknowingly) how lucky I am. 

Bunny Pinup 

Well.. I did it! I booked in for my first pin up photography session.. and Blizzard will also have a starring role. I’m super excited to embrace who I am..who I have become.. how far I have come.. what I love (my honey of a bunny.. and vintage glamour) and it’s going to be on birthday! Yay!

Stand United

I think this really important. My weight loss, my body goals, my health ideals.. are never aimed at being slimmer, prettier, better, than anyone else. I aim to be the best version of myself. If I post a selfie or video or celebrate my achievements, it is never to belittle another nor is it to shout out a challenge to other females (or persons). The world needs to start embracing its people. I can just as happily celebrate a beautiful friend’s figure, face, kind heart, achievement.. whatever else is important to them. I stand with my peers (girl or boy or however you identify) and not against. Each of us are unique, special, and worth love. Let us stand united. Let us celebrate diversity and love.


Fresh blueberries- my reward for getting up early on a Saturday morning to complete the morning workout. It was a tough one too. But I feel much better now. I’m grateful for blueberries, workout buddies, and the feeling of completing a tough set. Also grateful for a coffee catch up after the WOD.


I finally reached my handstand goal.. yay! It feels good to cross it off the list. Now what’s the next step? We shall see!For the first time I have found my max deadlift. I feel so motivated and happy to be a part of @hybrid__training. I have found a place where working out brings me joy. My health is improving, my mindset and self esteem is also improving, and my life is blossoming. I’m excited to go to the gym each day, I’m excited to challenge myself.. and I’m grateful to be surrounded by friends who are equally excited to workout.. with coaches who are supportive and encouraging. 


Today was the first time that I’ve enjoyed the soup that I’ve made! Yay! Mum makes the best soup and today mine was passable. Woohoo! I’m grateful that it worked.