Becoming the Best Me

Today I zipped up three dresses that were previously too small. My once tight cowboy boots are now loose fitting around my calves. My lungs are stronger, my heart happier, and my life much richer. Making my health my priority actually made my life so much better… I am able to give more to others, be there for those I love, I’m able to achieve more, and attempt more, I have more energy, stamina, enthusiasm, and dreams… because I took the courage to make myself a priority. It’s not selfish to look after yourself. If you’re healthy and whole you become more resilient. You’re able to share your strength with those around you. This hasn’t been an easy journey, and my journey is no where near over but I’m learning to look in the mirror and see my potential.


This is the smile of a girl who survived a 3.2km run that was only part of tonight’s workout. It’s been a seriously tough week with medical emergencies, school excursions, reports being handed in last Friday, swimming, almost end of term.. the list goes on. Tonight I needed to clear my head, my rest and bubble bath last night meant that I was strong enough to head out and workout with my crew mates. At the start of the year I found 400m tough.. tonight I ran 400m x completed 3 x 6 Romanian deadlifts (65kg).. 1x 20 single leg deadlifts (8kg).. 50 bent over rows (20kg).. 100 body weight squats..50 push ups.. Now my body is tired and my mind is clear. Exercise is wonderful and friends are even better.


Sometimes it’s important to recognise when your body is exhausted and to rest. So today, instead of heading to the gym I ran a bath. I relaxed. I rested. And I’ll go to sleep early. I’m learning to look after my body so that I can continue my journey to better health. And.. if I’m honest, who doesn’t love a lush bath bomb?​

You know the look… the tired.. blank stare. Yup.. feeling the tired blankness. I’m so grateful for bed… 💕

Overnight Chia Porridge 

Overnight chia porridge for breakfast… was actually delicious! Made with nut milk, chia, oats soaked over night. In the morning it was heated on the stove top and dressed with banana, dry roasted almonds, and a drizzle of honey. Thanks Mum for finding more Chloe-friendly breakfast ideas and then giving it a go herself 💕

Roast Mondays

Yum! I love roast Mondays! Roast chook, veggies, and tonight stuffed apples with coconut, walnuts, orange ride, sultanas, and a drizzle of honey. Yum. I’m grateful to my mum who cooked this all while I was at the gym. She’s a treasure..she also found a yoghurt that I can eat to go with our apples! Spoilt = Chloe 


Today I attended a ‘snatch workshop at hybrid__training – it was such a worthwhile experience. 2 hours of focussed learning with two great coaches. I’m really thankful that they explained each step in a way that I could understand. Everyone learns differently and it can be hard to teach a large group at once. But with only 10 participants we were able to ask questions, receive corrections, and achieve positive results. Thanks for including me 😊

Another step in the right direction 

A new Chloe record. My handstands are getting longer and stronger. My back squats heavier and more powerful. My body leaner and cleaner. And my outlook on life – clearer and brighter. I am so glad I walked through the doors of hybrid__training last December. While I was already starting my journey to better health.. this community has motivated, inspired, supported, encouraged, and guided me. I still have a long way to go but I know the direction I wish to head. 

Yummy Dinner

Yum… Moroccan carrot and apple salad with toasted almond flakes. I’m grateful to have fresh salad.. and all the ingredients I needed in the fridge/pantry – winning!! 


New handstand record for me.. against a wall 😜 but I’m getting there. My strength is improving and I’m having a lot of fun in the process. I’m grateful to have that ‘I’m progressing’ feeling.